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Wevr raises $25m to launch VR content network

Wevr raises $25m to launch VR content network

California-based VR technology firm Wevr has raised $25 million to launch a network for VR content creators to post their work and viewers to easily access it.

Called ‘Wevr Transport’, the network has already been dubbed by industry insiders as “the Youtube of VR”.

The network features the highest possible framerate and resolution on all available headsets. It is also built to support standard surround sound format and true positional sound where individual sound sources can be placed in a 3D environment. Content creators can share designated content securely with whoever they want using both IOS and Android, according to Wevr.

“Wevr Transport is, in one word, a network,” the company said in a blog post on Saturday. “We love the burgeoning VR community. We are a part of it. So we decided to build an independent platform for artists and storytellers working in VR to help promote and share their works.

“Transport is a curated content network. It is device agnostic, so users can experience it on any headset. Influenced by the open web and the power of today’s social networks, Transport enables frictionless publishing for creatives and easy discovery for fans, and most importantly a high quality experience for both,” Wevr added.

According to Wevr, the technology behind Transport comprises consumer apps accessible on various HMDs; user and maker cloud services, and a purpose-built VR engine that delivers high performance playback and rendering. Furthermore, Transport is based on an “open and extensible VR media format” intended to encourage the development of a community of VR content creators.

Wevr is at the forefront of VR filmmaking technology and took four VR “experiences” to the Sundance Film Festival last month. The company also collaborated with filmmaker Elia Petridis, director of the VR film Eye for an Eye, which premiered at the festival.

Wevr’s full blog post about Transport can be read here.


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