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VR filmmakers form Fable from wreckage of Oculus Story Studio

VR filmmakers form Fable from wreckage of Oculus Story Studio

Fable set to release its first film, which started life under Oculus Story Studio, at Sundance today

A group of VR filmmakers from the now defunct Oculus Story Studio have formed a new VR film venture called Fable. The company was established without hype several months ago by Oculus Story Studio veterans Edward Saatchi and Pete Billington. It officially launched on Thursday and promptly announced plans to debut its first project, Wolves in the Walls, at Sundance Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Wolves in the Wall is Fable’s first VR film.

Wolves in the Walls is an adaptation of a children’s book by the same name by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. The film version began as an Oculus Story Studio project in 2015, but the project’s future was left in doubt when the studio closed. Oculus later agreed to fund Wolves, allowing Fable to finish the project and submit it to Sundance, where it will debut today (Friday, Jan. 19) as part of the New Frontier program.

“We had this legacy of Story Studio that we wanted to continue,” Billington was quoted as saying. “To inherit that work and be able to continue it, it felt like something that had to be done. There was never really a moment where we questioned whether we should do this or not.”

The Fable team. The company was formed from the embers of Oculus Story Studio.

Fable also has four projects under development: Origin, Ten, Magic River Yacht Club, and Derailed. Brief synopsis and images for these projects are listed on Fable’s website.

Wolves in the Wall is based on a children’s book of the same same name.

The full report from The Hollywood Reporter can be read here.

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