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VR & AR World confirms more keynote speakers

VR & AR World confirms more keynote speakers

VR & AR World, a trade exhibition and conference for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, has confirmed further high profile speakers to participate in the event, which is set to take place on 18-20 October 2016 at London ExCel.

The latest additions to the agenda include: Zillah Watson, editor, BBC research and develeopment – Internet and future services at BBC; Vamsidhar Sunkari, senior architect of augmented and virtual reality, computer cision at Bosch Engineering; Jo Twist, CEO at UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie), and Chris Chin, a VR content executive at HTC Vive.

VR & AR World will take place at ExCel London in October.

VR & AR World will take place at ExCel London in October.

The event, which aims to attract experts from across the VR and AR ecosystem, will focus on VR and AR as a means for entertainment, enterprise, and the entire televisual experience. The three-day event will include presentations, debates, and networking to help attendees uncover the potential value of VR and AR for enterprise and entertainment. Other sessions will look at the technology required behind the scenes to enable VR to move into the mainstream, with topics including how to provision fixed and mobile networks to cater for a VR and AR future

Keynotes and panel discussions will cover topics including virtual reality for sports and live events broadcast, commercializing VR, and VR in a range of industries, from medical to retail.

The event’s organizer, Informa, expects about 80 speakers from the forefront of Virtual and Augmented Reality worldwide, to take part in the discussions at the event.

With VR goggles from manufacturers such as Oculus set to take the industry by storm, analysts anticipate solid growth for the VR industry. In February, Goldman Sachs Research said VR and  AR had the potential to become the next big computing platform, worth $80 billion by 2025.


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