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UAE’s Blink Studios shows mixed reality animation on Hololens

UAE’s Blink Studios shows mixed reality animation on Hololens

Blink Studios, an animation and production studio based in the UAE, demonstrated its mixed reality animation on the Microsoft Hololens at GITEX Technology Week, a technology exhibition held annually in Dubai.

Blink Studios offered visitors a chance to experience its animation, Karim & Noor, at Microsoft’s booth.

Blink Studios has led the move toward incorporating mixed reality experiences into education, healthcare, entertainment, lifestyle and gaming, and shared its latest innovations at the exhibition, which ran from 8th to 12th October at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Hani Kichi, producer and director at Blink Studios, views Karim & Noor on the Microsoft Hololens.

During the exhibition, Blink Studios showcased the world’s first ever mixed reality ‘edutainment’ series to emerge from the Middle East – ‘Karim & Noor’. The series tackles educational messages, touching on social emotional learning, and puts children at the center of an immersive storytelling experience via mixed reality technology.

Nathalie Habib, GM & executive producer at Blink Studios, said: “While mixed reality is still considered a novel technology among audiences and users in the MENA region, it is rapidly gathering pace and is set to transform the way we experience our world, particularly as public and private sector organisations are seeking to connect with their target audiences on a new level by engaging with them via innovative and advanced technology. Mixed reality offers an opportunity to deliver projects and initiatives in a more impactful way than ever before, and we are proud to be leading the move toward its adoption.”


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