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Sundance 2016 Selects Wevr experiences

Sundance 2016 Selects Wevr experiences

theBlu Encounter is one of four Wevr experiences selected by Sundance. (Photo: Wevr)

Sundance Institute has selected four experiences from Califoria-based VR specialist, Wevr, and its creative partners for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. The four immersive VR experiences have been selected for the Festival’s New Frontier program.

The chosen experiences include:


A new opportunity to be taken on a journey through space, time and possibilities. This VR tour takes viewers on an inception ride through a sequence of realities where the only constant seems to be Reggie Watts, the witty comedian and musician, that weaves them together. Written and directed by Ben Dickinson in collaboration Ghost Robot.

Irrational Exuberance

A surreal first-person odyssey by indie game developer and OnWevr grant recipient, Ben Vance, set in deep space uniquely designed for room-scale virtual reality. Visitors explore mysterious phenomenon, hidden wonders, and go face to face with the infinite.

theBlu: Encounter

theBlu: Encounter transports you into a gorgeous virtual reality ocean experience to have a close encounter with the largest creature on the planet. Imagine what it is like coming face-to-face with an 80-foot blue whale, whose eye ball is almost the size of your entire head. Creatively directed by Jake Rowell, theBlu: Encounter is an experience which feels real, but clearly couldn’t possibly be so, with a sense of uncanny scale and unexpected empathy.

Hard World for Small Things

A film born in the wake of recent news regarding the endless list of police encounters with unarmed men and women. Written and directed by Janicza Bravo, the short was created in partnership with Seed&Spark and Janicza as part of Wevr’s commitment to fund and develop diverse voice in the first generation of VR storytellers.
“Each of these four projects exemplifies the high quality production and collaboration Wevr’s studio looks for when partnering with independent filmmakers for the next truly brave virtual reality experience,” says Anthony Batt, co-founder and executive vice president at WeVR. “From the witty, intergalactic voyage with Reggie Watts, to the surprisingly empathetic ‘theBlu: Encounter’, we’re proving that virtual reality can be a transformative medium for any genre.”

The firm’s other co-founder and CEO, Neville Spiteri, said: “Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier exhibition is known for showcasing breakthrough storytelling, so we felt there was no better setting to showcase the latest in VR immersion.”

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