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Starbreeze acquires French VR firm for EUR4m

Starbreeze acquires French VR firm for EUR4m

Sweden’s Starbreeze AB, an independent creator publisher and distributor of entertainment products, has acquired French VR and augmented reality tech firm ePawn for a total of EUR4 million in cash and shares.

ePawn is a VR and toys-to-life company merging real life gaming experiences with their digital counterpart through its gaming boards and mats in table and room scale sizes. Virtual reality applications include large and flexible flooring tiles that can be assembled to equip spaces with a solution for affordable positioning system capable of tracking several people in a room.

“With ePawn, we will significantly diversify our virtual reality and toys-to-life offerings, as well as speed up the development of existing internal projects already in the works,” said Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze CEO. “The ePawn team has already innovated and productified their technologies and we acquire not only many good ways of applying them, but also a solid portfolio of patents that will benefit Starbreeze for many years to come.”

Emmanuel Marquez, Starbreeze CTO,  said: “For ePawn, I especially appreciate the location based entertainment applications, where for example the VR-mat will enable us to offer even more immersive experiences in our VR-centers. Additionally, the toys-to-life applications are numerous and the ability to technically track physical objects in our future games, such as Geminose, are really promising. The potential to be able to add augmented reality components to further enhance the gameplay for mobile devices are really exciting.”

With the acquisition comes seven registered patents and nine staff located in Paris, France.

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