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Re-imagining the cinema – VR style

Re-imagining the cinema – VR style

The world’s first ‘VR cinema’ opened its doors in Amsterdam on March 2.

Aptly titled the Virtual Reality Cinema, the venue bills itself as a place where “everybody has the possibility to get familiar with virtual reality and where everybody that already knows a thing or two about VR will be surprised by the very best and latest movies there are to find”.

The venue consists of Samsung Gear VR headsets and swivel chairs, allowing viewers to enjoy the immersive 360 degree (and hopefully stereoscopic) content on offer. The ensure that the sound quality also aids the VR experience, the cinema also provides Sennheiser HD 201 headphones.

The VR Cinema is a concept by Netherlands-based consultancy, &samhoud media, that originated in the form of a travelling virtual reality cinema which toured several big cities in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland.

The company said that it plans to open similar VR cinemas in cities such as Madrid, Berlin, Paris and London.

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