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Oculus invests $250m in VR content

Oculus invests $250m in VR content

Oculus has pledged to invest $250 million in VR film content at the Oculus Connect conference, which took place at San Jose McEnery Convention Center on October 5-7. Among a raft of hardware, software and content announcements, Oculus said that it plans to pump $250 million to “jumpstart the VR content ecosystem” and collaborate on projects including a “VR vignette” for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.

Oculus announced its Diverse Filmmakers Project at Connect.

Oculus reiterated its commitment to push the VR ecosystem forward across all forms of entertainment and education. “We’re collaborating with The Walt Disney Studios to create a series of VR experiences, working with Alcon Interactive to bring interactive VR vignettes based on Blade Runner 2049 to the Oculus platform, and even training astronauts in VR with NASA,” the company said on its blog.

Oculus said that it was committing $10 million to fund “diversity programs”, continuing its investment in programs such as Launch Pad, VR for Good, and Amplified New Voices as well as new programs including the Diverse Filmmakers Project, which launched during the conference. This new program will fund and support women and people from underrepresented groups to help accelerate production of their VR films—from 360 documentaries to interactive experiences made for Touch.

“This next year is going to be huge for VR. There’s billions of dollars being invested and VR’s future has never been brighter. Together, we’re on a path to make VR the next great computing platform,” Oculus said.

The full blog post from Oculus can be viewed here.

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