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Emirates’ Jetman filmmaker keen to make VR films

Emirates’ Jetman filmmaker keen to make VR films

Tony Augustinack, an LA-based filmmaker who previously led the filming of Emirates’ stunning Jetman film in Dubai, said that VR holds potential for narrative type filmmaking as well as documentaries and coverage of extreme sports.

Tony Augustinack

“I saw a lot of VR technology at NAB Show earler in the year and it is an area I am interested in. The technology is still in its infancy but I think the potential for cinematic filmmaking or just the story telling experience is really powerful. When you can create a world for somebody that they are totally immersed in, it is a really exciting opportunity for a young filmmaker like myself to be able to explore,” he said.

Augustinack, who directed Emirates’ short film of Jetman’s daring flight alongside an Airbus A380 in 2015, added that VR could present an ideal opportunity for filming Jetman in the future. “I think Jetman Dubai is a perfect platform or example to do a VR project that would allow someone to know what it’s like fly in that way, to see that perspective of human flight. This VR technology that we have now allows that, which is really exciting.

“As it continues to get cheaper and more accessible for people it will be a bigger platform to be able to distribute and share that content,” he added.

View the Emirates’s Jetman film here:

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