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Hollywood director Emmerich launches VR startup

Hollywood director Emmerich launches VR startup

Hollywood director Roland Emmerich, famed for films including Independence Day and Godzilla, has launched a VR startup called Vrenetic.

The VR startup, which Emmerich co-founded with CEO Marco Weber, develops tools for real-time virtual reality streaming, allowing users to create and connect through interactive and immersive virtual reality.

“Our mission is to expand the accessibility of 360-degree environments and VR/AR to the mass public,” the company states on its website.

The company’s product, VResh, is a social media application that allows users to capture, share, and stream their experiences in VR. The company said that it is creating a “brand new VR experience that doesn’t require an expensive headset or being tethered to your computer”.

Emmerich and Weber are joined by chief technology officer Chris Stasiak, product manager Eli Y. Park, and director of sales and marketing, Tony Depa.

Marco Weber and Chris Stasiac

(L-R) VRenetic co-founder and CEO Marco Weber, and CTO Chris Stasiak.

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