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Firms including Deep Inc and ARTE partner to create VR production suite

Firms including Deep Inc and ARTE partner to create VR production suite

Deep Inc, a studio specializing in cinematic VR, has partnered with ARTE, the Canada Media Fund, Fraunhofer HHI and BR, Bavaria’s public broadcasting service, to launch Liquid Cinema, a software product that allows the creation and distribution of immersive 360 VR-based cinema experiences.

Liquid Cinema’s players and tools react live to the roving unpredictable gaze of the audience, optimizing their viewing experience based on where they are looking and what the creators of the film want them to see. Liquid Cinema takes the first bold step towards forging a new visual language that leverages the immersive and fluid nature of cinematic VR.

Liquid Cinema also moves the process of creating such experiences out of the exclusive realm of software developers by providing easy to use tools that any filmmaker and journalist can use within hours.

Thomas Wallner, CEO and founder of Deep Inc.

“Our goal creating Liquid Cinema is to put easy to use affordable authoring tools in the hands of producers, filmmakers, and interactive developers, while providing online content producers, such as broadcasters, a progressive solution to distribute cinematic VR content to audiences around the world accessible on web browsers, mobile, and dedicated VR devices in a cost- effective manner” says Founder/CEO Thomas Wallner.

“What makes our company unique is that you have world class veteran developers working side by side with seasoned filmmakers. The storytellers take the lead at DEEP and the software development is subservient to the need to create tools that transport the magic of story while making the underlying technology that carries it invisible.”

Liquid Cinema: Key info

  • Author once publish to multiple platforms: White label players, Android, iOS, GearVR, WebGL, Oculus Rift, * authoring for HTC VIVE, AppleTV4 will be produced shortly.
  • Seamlessly combines 2D/3D VR, Flat film, 360 video and stills in one timeline
  • 3D binaural sound rendering
  • Live rendered text, animated graphic, subtitles, and credits; nested in layers with custom sizing and placement for each platform over picture
  • Live updating of interactive visual and text elements saves time and money
  • All live rendered visual and aural can be controlled by the user’s gaze
  • Fully interactive hot spotting that launched contextual menus and information
  • Forced Perspective
  • Cost effective, easy to use authoring tool means no need for developers
  • Tools integrate into existing workflows.
  • Rapid content creation turnaround time for high pressure environments
  • Data- live gaze-tracking heat maps give insight into audience behaviors


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