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BBC executive Natasha Hussain sees bright future for VR

BBC executive Natasha Hussain sees bright future for VR

The BBC has long been at the forefront of broadcast and is keen to tap the potential of VR. The British broadcaster has already started experimenting with VR and has also given talks at VR conferences on the subject.

Speaking to VR Film Pro, Natasha Hussain, BBC Worldwide’s vice president and general manager for the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean, said that she sees significant potential for the emerging medium of VR.

“We have plans as a company around VR. It’s interesting; it’s early days and everyone’s talking about it. I think it is going to connect future generations with the world a lot more. VR will allow you to get closer to parts of the world where you would maybe never get to go. I could imagine that even I would wear those goggles if I could be running with wildebeests,”she said. “The opportunity for natural history is clear; to be in the depths of the darkest reaches of the ocean that nobody has ever gone to for example. It would be incredible, so it is definitely something that we are exploring.”

Hussain added that she also sees potential for VR games and interactive media on BBC’s platforms. “I think gaming is important here as well, and there are opportunities around certain franchises that we have in terms of promotion. These are all things that are on our radar, but just at a different stages of planning.”

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