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Apple demos VR with Vive demo at WWDC17

Apple demos VR with Vive demo at WWDC17Score 0%Score 0%

Apple demonstrated VR on HTC’s Vive by enabling the use of SteamVR on Macs with the new MacOS, High Sierra, at WWDC17.

Through Apple’s new external GPU, developers and content creators will be able to use a beta of SteamVR and the new MacOS to access the creative power of Vive with their MacBooks.

Apple demonstrated VR on a Vive headset at its developer conference.

The combination of support for the Vive headset and an external graphics card option means that VR development is about to get a broader, more Apple-friendly footprint. Apple’s vision for high-end computing and empowering developers matches Vive’s vision of delivering the most advanced and immersive room-scale VR in the market.  The new MacOS Beta and the SteamVR for Mac beta is available now with a full release planned for later in the fall.

John Knoll, chief creative officer of Industrial Light & Magic, demos new VR capabilities coming to Mac. (Photo: Apple)

The announcement further positions Vive as a leader in driving the VR industry forward. In just the last month alone, the company has partnered with tech giants including Google, Intel and Apple, who are aligning their VR efforts around Vive.

On stage during WWDC, Apple demonstrated its commitment to VR using a Vive with ILM and Unreal running on a Mac in front of thousands of developers.


Apple embraces VR with Vive demo at WWDC17


Summary Apple demonstrates VR using HTC Vive at WWDC17

Apple embraces VR with Vive demo at WWDC17

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